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Third Grade

Third grade is a pivotal year as students prepare for the intermediate grades. Reading comprehension is a strong focus, as is lots of writing practice on both fictional and expository pieces.  

Multiplication is the cornerstone of the math curriculum. This is crucial because mastering multiplication facts is the foundation for success in long division, fractions, and decimals. In third grade we use manipulatives and hands-on activities so that students don’t just memorize, but develop a true understanding of number concepts.
In science third graders start the year exploring magnets, batteries, and solar cells as they develop an understanding of energy and physical science. An animal report is the culminating activity for the unit on life science. Students learn about habitats, adaptations, and the balance of nature. The year concludes with earth science and the solar system unit. Students explore rocks, minerals, the layers of the earth, the atmosphere, and space.
Our students are involved in the fine arts through rhythm class, art instruction, and creations of two and three- dimensional art to accompany several writing assignments.
Third graders are enthusiastic and creative! As the year progresses they gain confidence in their own abilities to solve problems, tackle issues, and take on new challenges using the many LIFESKILLS they have practiced during the year. They become more independent learners and are ready to successfully move on and move up!