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Fourth Grade

Mrs. Ferro with a student

Teacher reading with a student outside

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Fourth grade is a big transition year for students. In the primary grades the major focus is on learning to read, while in fourth grade students read to learn. Students are given more privileges for the added responsibility.  Fourth graders learn to play the recorder, have P.E. with a credentialed P.E. teacher, and are in charge of composting the trimmings from the school's garden. The play "Missions and More" is one of the main fundraisers for the annual overnight trip to Sutter's Fort.  We are the only Woodland public school to participate in the Environmental Living Program, which is a hands-on method of teaching California History to our students.  As an environmental science and agricultural school, we focus on science with parent volunteers helping to run science labs each week. Other main areas of focus in science are magnetics and electricity.