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Fifth Grade

5th Grade Students

Students working in a pair at a chromebook

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Fifth grade is a very busy year of learning. The United States really opens up for students as they study our country from the earliest Native Americans, to explorers, settlers, and through our history to the present day. Students experience various wars and other historically significant conflicts through the eyes of participants with primary sources of evidence, simulations, and a variety of literature. Students chant “fractions, decimals, and percents” throughout the entire year as that is the major focus for math. Skills are used in real life situations everyday, such as finding their score on a learning task. The world around takes on new meaning as students delve further into science examining the tiniest particles and elements, yet expands as they study the solar system and beyond. We chart the weather during the winter with our very own weather station and try to predict the next sunny day.

 Our students learn to appreciate the fine arts in so many ways. We use different art mediums and techniques to create and display paintings, sculpture, and drawings. We attend performances at the Woodland Opera House as well as the Mondavi Center in Davis. Students enjoy performing in our grade level plays and class skits. Band is the fifth grade privilege as students learn to play an instrument and hold concerts. Students enjoy learning different forms of dance with Royal Dance Academy. The Aerospace Museum of California has also been a grade level destination.