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About Us

Originally formed as the Plainfield School District in 1861, Plainfield is one of the oldest institutions in the region, with a long history of serving the children of farmers and migrants, their children, and grandchildren. From 1926 through 1965, Plainfield went through a series of unifications with other districts to ultimately form what is today the Woodland Joint Unified School District. The present site was established in 1949 on nine acres of farmland.

Plainfield is currently the only school in the WJUSD that has a thematic focus -- environmental science and agriculture -- and is home to about 360 students. The teaching staff weaves science instruction into all other instructional areas. In addition, the school's garden has been a source of rich, hands-on learning.

We also take great pride in the fact that our school is home to many elementary-age students in Yolo County who are either deaf or hard of hearing. Students in the County's Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) program participate as much as possible alongside other Plainfield students in all facets of school life.

Our school took part in a State of California Early Mental Health Initiative (EMHI) grant, aimed at helping primary-age students with one-on-one time in unstructured play opportunities and interaction with trained child aides. Although funding from the state for that program has run out, our Partners In Play (PIP) room is still going strong, thanks to a grant from the Rumsey Tribe. Students who participate are identified by their classroom teachers, and, with parent permission, take part in this program for a ten to twelve week period.

Another component of Plainfield was our participation in a three-year grant, along with four other elementary schools in Woodland, as a Character Education school, where positive character was, and continues to be, emphasized throughout the school. Character education a fundamental part of who and what we are, staff and students alike.

Along with all other schools in the Woodland District, Plainfield participates in the Building Effective Schools Together (BEST) program, where our school culture and learning environments nurture and encourage the best in our students.

Finally, our school is also currently home to a federal After School Education and Safety (ASES) program, serving about one hundred students every afternoon after school.